Ark - Animals

Stock Number
SP 70037
I.R.S. Records
vinyl album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Loose Change 00:02:57
2 Love Is For All Time 00:04:12
3 My Favorite Enemy 00:03:45
4 Prisoner Of the Light 00:04:05
5 Being There 00:03:23
6 Hard Times 00:02:52
7 The Night 00:02:47
8 Trying to Get to You 00:04:15
9 Just Can't Get Enough 00:03:52
10 Melt Down 00:03:05
11 Gotta Get Back to You 00:02:40
12 Crystal Nights 00:04:03
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Price keyboards
Alan Price producer
Chas Chandler bass
Chas Chandler producer
Eric Burdon illustration
Eric Burdon producer
Eric Burdon vocal
Hilton Valentine guitar
Hilton Valentine producer
Jim Newport photography
John Steel drums
John Steel producer
Nic Rudrum engineer
Nippy Noya percussion
Paul Power cover art
Steve Grant guitar
Steve Grant synthesizer
Steve Gregory sax
Steve Lipson engineer
Steve Lipson producer
Zoot Money (George Money) keyboards

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