Art Farmer Septet

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Art Farmer 1983 trumpet
Percy Heath bass
Monk Montgomery bass
Jimmy Cleveland trombone
Arthur Taylor drums
Sonny Johnson drums
Horace Silver piano
Quincy Jones piano
Charlie Rouse sax
Cliff Solomon sax
Oscar Estell sax
Name Birth Death
Art Farmer 1928-08-21 1999-10-04
Percy Heath 1923-04-30 2005-04-28
Monk Montgomery 1921-10-10 1982-05-20
Jimmy Cleveland 1926-05-03 2008-08-23
Arthur Taylor 1929-04-06 1995-02-06
Sonny Johnson
Horace Silver 1928-09-02 2014-06-18
Quincy Jones 1933-03-14
Charlie Rouse 1924-04-06 1988-11-30
Cliff Solomon
Oscar Estell

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