Enchance - Billy Hart

Stock Number
75021 0818
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1990
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Diff Customs 00:05:47
2 Shadow Dance 00:07:45
3 Layla-Joy 00:06:58
4 Corner Culture 00:02:49
5 Rahsaan Is Beautiful 00:04:32
6 Pharoah 00:09:33
7 Hymn For the Old Year 00:08:53
Credit Role Sort descending
Oliver Lake alto sax
Roland Young art direction
Buster Williams bass
Dave Holland bass
John Snyder creative director
Phil Shima design
John Snyder digital producer
Billy Hart drums
Tom May engineer
Eddie Henderson flugelhorn
Oliver Lake flute
Hannibal Peterson koto
Stanley Crouch liner notes
Bernie Grundman mastering
Thabo Carvin percussion
Don Pullen piano
Elliot Meadow producer
Rudy Van Gelder remastering
Dewey Redman tenor sax
Eddie Henderson trumpet
Hannibal Peterson trumpet

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