Garland Jeffreys

[American Boy and Girl] might not be what everyone wants to hear but I've made a commitment to express what's important to me. I'm not a pop songwriter. Sometimes I set things out there that are not okay and I must express them. It's an exorcism as well. I've been criticized for writing about themes not prevalent anymore....Writers listen to an artist and judge him in finite terms. If an artist sounds angry on one or two records, it doesn't mean he'll be angry in [the future]. At times I've tried to go along with someone else's game plan but I just couldn't do it. A&M has been good about letting me do what I want. Obviously it would like to see me sell more records but I won't get crazy trying to do it. Today's esoterica is tomorrow's commerciality."

Signed with A&M Records in July 1976.

Ghost Writer New Music On A&M Records

  1. Jeffreys LP Reflects His Own Integrity. Ed Harrison. Billboard, September 1, 1979.
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Recording Years / Label
1973-1979 -  A&M Records
vocals, percussion, guitar

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