Bricklin - Bricklin

Stock Number
SP 5124
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1986
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fear Of Life 00:04:22
2 For Her Love 00:04:47
3 Even When You're Done With Me 00:03:44
4 All I Know 00:04:25
5 Love Without Pain 00:03:56
6 If This Is Love 00:04:23
7 All You Own 00:04:53
8 She's Not My Girl 00:04:50
9 How Come I? 00:03:47
10 The Sleeping Dream 00:03:58
Credit Sort descending Role
Arthur Mann executive producer
Bob Hagglund trombone
Bob Ludwig mastering
Brian Bricklin arranger
Brian Bricklin guitar
Brian Bricklin keyboards
Brian Bricklin lead vocal
Chip Simons photography
Dag DuPree trumpet
Daryl Burgee percussion
Douglas GrigsbyIII bass
Eddie Bader arranger
Eddie Bader drums
Eddie Bader lead vocal
Frank Olinsky design
Gary McKeen trumpet
Ian Cross arranger
Ian Cross guitar
Ian Cross keyboards
Ian Cross lead vocal
Jake Meyer arranger
Jake Meyer keyboards
Jake Meyer percussion
James Goetz arranger
James Goetz bass
James Goetz lead vocal
Jay Davidson arranger
Jim Salamone fairlight
Jim Salamone Linn synthesizer
Jim Salamone Simmons synthesizer
Jim Salamone synthesizer programming
Neil Dorfsman engineer
Neil Dorfsman producer
Pat Gorman design
Randy Cantor fairlight programming
Richard Frankel art direction
Scott Bricklin arranger
Scott Bricklin guitar
Scott Bricklin keyboards
Scott Bricklin lead vocal
Scott Bricklin percussion
Tom Stephenson emulator programming

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