Live...Again - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Stock Number
WR 8441
WR 08441-A/B
Word Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1989
Credit Sort descending Role
Alvin Slaughter
Amy Linden art direction
Carl Gorodetzky contractor
Carol Cymbala arranger
Carol Cymbala conductor
Cheryl Rogers keyboards
Cynthia Greene
Damaris Carbaugh
Dennis Davis design
Gary Hedden engineer
Glenn Meadows edit
Glenn Meadows mastering
Joey Vazquez bass
John Mays bass
Jonathan Woodby keyboards
Kareem Riley keyboards
Lari Goss arranger
Lari Goss keyboards
Lari Goss producer
Lee Peterzell engineer
Mark Hammond drums
Mark Hammond percussion
Michael Archibald drums
Michael English vocal
Nashville String Machine strings
Neal Joseph executive producer
Otis Forrest horn arrangement
Steve Mauldin orchestration
Wanda Geddie

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