Brothers Johnson Discography

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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A&M Gold Series

A&M Sounds Capsule

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Dancin’ and Prancin’

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Get the Funk Out Ma Face

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Mista Cool

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Ride-O-Rocket

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/So Won’t You Stay

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Strawberry Letter 23

Ain’t We Funkin’ Now/Strawberry Letter 23/Get the Funk Out Ma Face

Best Of


Blam! Radio Special



Brothers Johnson

Classic Brothers Johnson

Classics Collection Vol. 11

Classics Collection Vol. 5

Come Together/Get the Funk Out Ma Face

Dancin’ Free

Dancin’ Free/Do It For Love

Dancin’ Free/I’ll Be Good to You/Do It For Love

Free and Single

Free and Single/Thunder Thumbs & Lightnin’

Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Funk In Peace


Get the Funk Out Ma Face

Get the Funk Out Ma Face/I’ll Be Good to You

Get the Funk Out Ma Face/Strawberry Letter 23

Get the Funk Out Ma Face/Tomorrow

Greatest Hits

Hey Jude/Land Of the Ladies

I’ll Be Good to You

I’m Giving You All My Love/The Real Thing

I’m Giving You All Of My Love/The Real Thing

It’s You Girl/Mista Cool/Brother Man

Kick It to the Curb

Kick It to the Curb/Ain’t We Funkin’ Now

Kick It to the Curb/P.O. Box 2000


Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night/Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Light Up the Night/Streetwave

Light Up the Night/Streetwave/Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Look Out For #1

Love Is/Q

Love Is/Right On Time

Lovers Forever/Hot Mama

Mista Cool/Brother Man/It’s You Girl

Out Of Control

Party Avenue

Party Avenue/Ball Of Fire


Ride-O-Rocket/Brother Man

Ride-O-Rocket/Dancin’ and Prancin’

Ride-O-Rocket/Dancin’ and Prancin’/Thunder Thumbs and Lightning


Right On Time