Blam! - Brothers Johnson

Stock Number
SP 4714
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Ain't We Funkin' Now 00:05:36
2 So Won't You Stay 00:03:20
3 Blam!! 00:04:55
4 Rocket Countdown/Blastoff 00:00:51
5 Ride-O-Rocket 00:04:43
6 Mista' Cool 00:03:27
7 It's You Girl 00:03:32
8 Streetwave 00:05:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Weir guitar
Alex Weir vocal
Bill Reichenbach trombone
Bobby Floyd background vocal
Bobby Rodriguez background vocal
Bruce Swedien mix
Chuck Beeson design
David Foster piano
David Foster synthesizer
Frank Floyd background vocal
Gary Grant flugelhorn
Gary Grant trumpet
George Johnson arranger
George Johnson guitar
George Johnson vocal
Glen Wexler photography
Gwen Guthrie background vocal
Harvey Mason drums
Jerry Hey arranger
Jerry Hey flugelhorn
Jerry Hey french horn
Jerry Hey trumpet
Kenny Pickens background vocal
Kim Hutchcroft flute
Kim Hutchcroft sax
Larry Carlton guitar
Lawrence Williams clarinet
Lawrence Williams flute
Lawrence Williams synthesizer
Louis Johnson arranger
Louis Johnson bass
Louis Johnson vocal
Michael Brecker sax
Patti Austin background vocal
Quincy Jones arranger
Quincy Jones producer
Raymond Simpson background vocal
Richard Heath background vocal
Richard Tee piano
Roland Young art direction
Steve Foreman timpani
Steve Khan guitar
Steve Porcaro programming
Steve Shaffer drums
Tom Bahler arranger
Tom Bahler associate producer
Tom Bahler background vocal
Tom Bahler producer
Vivian Cherry background vocal
Wayne Vaughn background vocal
Wayne Vaughn keyboards
Wayne Vaughn piano
William Eaton background vocal
Yolanda McCullough background vocal
Zacharty Sanders background vocal

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