Really Rosie - Carole King

Stock Number
SP 77027
SP 77055--SP 77056
Ode Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1975-2 -19
Recording Notes
Gatefold cover
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Really Rosie 00:01:55
2 One Was Johnny 00:02:08
3 Alligators All Around 00:01:55
4 Pierre 00:05:38
5 Screaming and Yelling 00:01:15
6 The Ballad Of Chicken Soup 00:02:15
7 Chicken Soup With Rice 00:04:21
8 Ave. P 00:03:04
9 My Simple, Humble Neighborhood 00:03:08
10 The Awful Truth 00:03:03
11 Such Sufferin' 00:02:57
12 Really Rosie 00:02:40
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Pop Albums 20 1975-3-8
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Newmark drums
Carole King guitar
Carole King piano
Carole King synthesizer
Charles Larkey bass
Chuck Beeson design
Hank Cicalo engineer
Lou Adler producer
Louise Goffin background vocal
Maurice Sendak illustration
Milt Calice engineer
Richard Fegley photography
Sheldon Riss producer
Sherry Goffin background vocal

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