Cheech & Chong

In 1972, the duo wrote a screenplay that Cheech called, "an X-rated extension of what we do on stage," Lou Adler would produce the feature.

Doing their part to help voter registration in San Antonio, Texas, a Cheech & Chong concert was the prize offered to the high school that registered the most voters.

In October, the DAR rejected having Cheech & Chong perform at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The group was rebooked into the Kennedy Center and performed for a sold out audience.

In 1973 Cheech & Chong's albums were added to the White House Library Of Music.

The working title of the album Los Cochinos was Sex, Drugs and Cheap Thrills.

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Recording Years / Label
1971-1976 -  Ode Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Cheech Marin vocals
Tommy Chong vocals
Name Birth Death
Cheech Marin 1946-07-13
Tommy Chong 1940-05-24

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