20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection - Chuck Mangione

Stock Number
606949 338527
A&M Records
United States
CD album, eAlbum.
Released: 2002-7 -23
Recording Notes
Deleted 7/13/2018
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Land Of Make Believe 00:00:00
2 Bellavia 00:00:00
3 Main Squeeze 00:00:00
4 Chase the Clouds Away 00:00:00
5 Feels So Good 00:00:00
6 Hide and Seek (Ready or Not Here I Come) 00:00:00
7 Children Of Sanchez 00:00:00
8 Hill Where the Lord Hides 00:00:00
9 Fun and Games 00:00:00
10 Give it All You Got 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Reichenbach trombone
Charles Meeks bass
Charles Meeks harmonica
Chip Jackson bass
Chris Vadala alto sax
Chris Vadala f
Chris Vadala flugelhorn
Chris Vadala flute
Chris Vadala sax
Chris Vadala tenor sax
Chuck Mangione arranger
Chuck Mangione celesta
Chuck Mangione edit
Chuck Mangione flugelhorn
Chuck Mangione mix
Chuck Mangione piano
Chuck Mangione producer
Dave Greene assistant engineer
Dave Iveland assistant engineer
Don Potter
Edgar Lustgarten cello
Ellis Sorkin assistant engineer
Esther Satterfield vocal
Gerry Niewood flute
Gerry Niewood piccolo
Gerry Niewood soprano sax
Gerry Niewood tenor sax
Grant Geissman guitar
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra orchestra
James Bradley, Jr. congas
James Bradley, Jr. drums
James Bradley, Jr. timbales
James Bradley, Jr. triangle
Jeff Tyzik trumpet
Joe LaBarbera drums
Joe LaBarbera percussion
Joe LaBarbera Tom-toms
Kathy Moses flute
Kathy Moses piccolo
Larry Swist engineer
Lew Soloff trumpet
Mick Guzauski engineer
Phil Ramone edit
Phil Ramone engineer
Phil Ramone mix
Rich Blakin edit
Rich Blakin mix
Stillman Kelly assistant engineer

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