Collins and Collins - Collins & Collins

Stock Number
UICY 76202
498800 5822116
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2014-5 -21
Recording Notes
Limited edition SHM-CD. Reissued 12/5/2018
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Top Of the Stairs 00:04:38
2 You Know How to Make Me Feel So Good 00:03:52
3 Do You Wanna Dance 00:04:18
4 Can't Turn Down Love 00:04:18
5 You Made Me Believe 00:05:02
6 I'm Feelin' Your Love 00:03:37
7 Please Don't Break My Heart 00:04:48
8 Yo-Yo 00:03:24
Credit Sort descending Role
Amy Nagawara design
Brian Hagiwara photography
Chuck Beeson art direction
John Davis arranger
John Davis mix
John Davis producer
Kenny Present engineer
Kenny Present mix
Nimitr Sarikananda mastering
Rosemary Jones production assistant

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