Dave Lewis

The single "David's Mood" was recorded at Western Recorders on October 10, 1963. The song's original title was "Gal-Loop Part 1" and "Gal-Loop Part 2." As "David's Mood" it became a breakout single in Seattle on November 2, 1963 and again on July 25, 1964. It was produced by Seattle-based producer Jerry Dennon and, based on the success in Seattle, A&M Records licensed the single from Dennon's Jerdan Records.

"Little Green Thing" was recorded in early 1964.

The follow-up single "Lip Service" became a breakout single in Seattle in July 1964.

Although the singles and album were released under Dave Lewis' name only, Lewis had a trio with Joe Johansen on guitar and Dickey Enfield on drums. 

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Recording Years / Label
1963-1965 -  A&M Records

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