Some Things Never Change

Stock Number
SP 4766
SP 04766-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Another Lone Ranger 12:03:45 AM
2 Some Things Never Change 12:04:05 AM
3 Love in the First Degree 12:03:00 AM
4 Comin' Home 12:03:50 AM
5 Out in the Rain 12:04:30 AM
6 Sit on It 12:03:10 AM
7 Line Shooter 12:02:50 AM
8 On the Edge Of the Floor 12:04:05 AM
9 Tear Myself Away 12:02:15 AM
10 The Elf Sires 12:05:58 AM
Personnel Role
Alan Macleod bagpipes
Amy Nagasawa design
Chris Spedding guitar
David Kubinec guitar
David Kubinec piano
David Kubinec vocal
Janette Beckman photography
Jimmy Bain bass
John Cale keyboards
John Cale producer