Too Much Too Late - Denise Lopez

Stock Number
VE 7015
Vendetta Records
Released: 1988
Recording Notes
Two versions of this single. One had Essential Funk Remix, Too Much of That Dub versions. One had Club Mix, Hot Edit, Rose Dub and Too Much Mix.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Too Much Too Late (Club Mix) 00:07:32
2 Too Much Too Late (Hot Edit) 00:04:40
3 Too Much Too Late (Rose Dub) 00:03:38
4 Too Much Too Late (Too Much Mix) 00:02:47
Credit Sort descending Role
David Bowler producer
Eric Li producer
Eric Li producer
Howard Bowler producer
John Morales engineer
John Morales producer
Peter Sturge engineer
Sergio Munzibai producer
Suren Terzion edit

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