Recording Years / Label
1970 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Gerry Conway 1970 drums
Jerry Donahue 1970 guitar
Pat Donaldson 1970 bass
Sandy Denny 1970 vocals, guitar
Trevor Lucas 1970 vocals, guitar
Name Birth Death
Gerry Conway 1947-09-11
Jerry Donahue 1946-09-24
Pat Donaldson
Sandy Denny 1947-01-06 1978-04-21
Trevor Lucas 1943-12-25 1989-02-04
Name See associated acts
Gerry Conway BunchHudson-Ford
Pat Donaldson BunchLazy Racer
Sandy Denny BunchFairport ConventionSandy Denny
Trevor Lucas Bunch

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