In 1974 The Dingoes album was:
     the Federation of Australian Broadcasters Album of the Year;
     the Australian Music Awards Best Australian Group Album, and
     the ARIA Awards Best Group Vocal Album.

A&M Records signed The Dingoes to a two album contract in late 1976.

Five Times the Sun was the band's first release outside Australia.

Five Times the Sun New Music On A&M Records

Recording Years / Label
1977-1979 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Broderick Smith vocals, harmonica
Chris Stockley guitar
John Bois bass
John Lee drums
Kerryn Tolhurst guitar
Name Birth Death
Broderick Smith 1948-02-17 2023-04-30
Chris Stockley 1948-01-24
John Bois
John Lee
Kerryn Tolhurst 1948-05-07

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