Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie Orchestra

Name Member Years Instruments
Ella Fitzgerald 1983 vocal
Count Basie 1983 piano
Ray Brown 1983 trumpet
John Clayton 1983 bass
Sonny Cohn 1983 trumpet
Eric Dixon 1983 sax
Charlie Fowlkes 1983 sax
Freddie Green 1983 guitar
Kenny Hing 1983 sax
Bill Hughes 1983 trombone
Butch Miles 1983 drums
Pete Minger 1983 trumpet
Bobby Plater 1983 sax
Nolan Smith 1983 trumpet
Danny Turner 1983 sax
Mel Wanzo 1983 trombone
Dennis Wilson 1983 trombone
Booty Wood 1983 trombone
Name Birth Death
Ella Fitzgerald 1917-04-25 1996-06-15
Count Basie 1904-09-21 1984-04-26
Ray Brown 1926-10-13 2002-07-02
John Clayton 1952-08-20
Sonny Cohn 1925-03-14 2006-11-07
Eric Dixon 1930-03-28 1989-10-19
Charlie Fowlkes 1916-02-16 1980-02-09
Freddie Green 1911-03-31 1987-03-01
Kenny Hing 1935-10-25 2019-02-19
Bill Hughes 1930-03-28 2018-01-14
Butch Miles 1944-07-04
Pete Minger 1943-01-22 2000-04-13
Bobby Plater 1914-05-13 1982-11-20
Nolan Smith 1949-07-18
Danny Turner 1920-03-08 1995-04-14
Mel Wanzo 1930-11-22 2005-09-09
Dennis Wilson 1952-07-22
Booty Wood 1919-12-27 1987-06-10
Name See associated acts
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Sonny Cohn Count Basie OrchestraCount Basie Big Band
Eric Dixon Count Basie OrchestraCount Basie Big Band
Charlie Fowlkes Count Basie Big Band
Freddie Green Count Basie OrchestraHerb Ellis & Freddie GreenCount Basie Big BandCount Basie Kansas City Septem
Kenny Hing Count Basie Orchestra
Bill Hughes Count Basie Big Band
Butch Miles Count Basie Big BandCount Basie OrchestraDave Brubeck Quartet
Pete Minger Count Basie Big Band
Bobby Plater Count Basie Big Band
Danny Turner Count Basie OrchestraCount Basie Big Band
Mel Wanzo Count Basie OrchestraCount Basie Big Band
Dennis Wilson Count Basie Orchestra
Booty Wood Count Basie Orchestra

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