George Lewis and His Ragtime Band

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
George Lewis clarinet
Lawrence Marrero banjo
Alcide Pavageau bass
Joe Watkins drums
Alton Purnell piano
Jim Robinson trombone
Avery Howard trumpet
Name Birth Death
George Lewis 1900-07-13 1968-12-31
Lawrence Marrero 1900-10-24 1959-06-06
Alcide Pavageau 1888-03-07 1969-01-19
Joe Watkins 1900-10-24 1969-09-13
Alton Purnell 1911-04-16 1987-01-14
Jim Robinson 1892-12-25 1976-05-04
Avery Howard 1908-04-22 1966-03-28

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