Talking In Code - Glen Burtnick

Stock Number
AMP 28152
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1986-5 -25
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Crank It Up 00:04:10
2 Talking In Code 00:04:19
3 Little Red House 00:03:45
4 Perfect World 00:04:09
5 Hole In My Pocket 00:03:51
6 Brave Hearts 00:03:56
7 Hold Bak the Night 00:03:38
8 Talk That Talk 00:03:32
9 Heart On the Line 00:03:36
10 We're Alright 00:03:58
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Douches engineer
Alan Pasqua keyboards
Anthony Galante percussion
Bobby Messano guitar
Chuck Beeson art direction
Csaba Petocz engineer
Dan Huff guitar
Dave La Rue bass
David Prater drums
Donald Krieger design
Dusty Micale keyboards
Ed Thacker engineer
Ed Thacker mix
Glen Burtnick drum programming
Glen Burtnick guitar
Glen Burtnick keyboards
Glen Burtnick percussion
Glen Burtnick vocal
Jay Healy mix assistant
Jay Senter executive producer
Jerry Hey horn arrangement
Jim Lang keyboards
Joe Flamingo mix assistant
Jon Vigran drum programming
Jon Vigran engineer
Neil Stubenhaus bass
Peter Lewis mix assistant
Plinky keyboards
Reed Nielsen drum programming
Reed Nielsen keyboards
Richard Landis percussion
Richard Landis producer
Rocky Schenck photography
Savron Hudson drum programming
Stan Katayama mix assistant
Steve Smith drums

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