The Vision - Howard Johnson

Stock Number
SP 4982
SP 04983-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Recording Notes
Sticker, custom liner
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Stand Up 00:04:21
2 Knees 00:05:31
3 So Tuff 00:04:50
4 Outta My Head 00:05:15
5 You've Got a Lot to Learn 00:04:09
6 Show Me How 00:04:46
7 All We Have Is Love 00:04:23
8 Older Girl 00:04:50
Chart Peak Date
Billboard R&B Albums 46 1985-9-14
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Haas mix assistant
Bill Bottrell engineer
Bob Brown engineer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Doug Nelson background vocal
Fernando Harkles sax
Fred Howard mix assistant
Gwen Traylor vocal
Howard Johnson arranger
Howard Johnson background vocal
Howard Johnson drum programming
Howard Johnson producer
Howard Johnson synthesizer
Howard Johnson vocal
Howard Smiley executive producer
Jack Rouben mix
Jermaine Jackson producer
Jimmy Jam executive producer
Jimmy Jam producer
Joe Borja assistant engineer
John McClain producer
John McClain remix
Karen White background vocal
Kevin Spencer background vocal
Lisa Powers photography
Lucia Newell vocal
Melanie Nissen design
Michael Braver mix
Monte Moir drum programming
Monte Moir keyboards
Monte Moir percussion
Monte Moir producer
Monte Moir synthesizer
Paul McKenna remix
Rick Timas bass
Rick Timas drums
Rick Timas guitar
Rick Timas keyboards
Rick Timas producer
Robert de la Garza engineer
Scott Skidmore engineer
Steve Hodge mix
Steve Wiese engineer
Terry Lewis bass
Terry Lewis drum programming
Terry Lewis executive producer
Terry Lewis keyboards
Terry Lewis percussion
Terry Lewis producer
Terry Lewis synthesizer
Terry Lewis vocal
Tim Joquette engineer
Vincent Brantley background vocal
Vincent Brantley producer

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