Lady Joe - Joanne Glasscock

Stock Number
SP 3636
SP 3673--SP 3674
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Here I Am Again 00:03:22
2 Momma No More 00:03:13
3 Don't Be Afraid to Touch Me 00:03:21
4 Year Without Summer 00:03:08
5 We Had It All 00:03:40
6 Willowy Billowy Land 00:02:48
7 It Could Have Been Me 00:04:15
8 Do You Cry 00:03:16
9 The Centaur 00:04:40
10 Last Morning 00:03:40
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Narell piano
Andy Narell steel drums
Andy Narell synthesizer
Bill Atwood arranger
Bill Atwood trumpet
Chet Atkins guitar
David Hayes bass
David Shaw drums
Dennis Locorriere bass
Dennis Locorriere drums
Dennis Locorriere guitar
Dennis Locorriere harmonica
Ellen Schroer background vocal
George Cummings steel guitar
George Horn mastering
Jack Schroer arranger
Jack Schroer sax
John Wolters drums
Junie Osaki design
Mel Martin arranger
Mel Martin flute
Mike Fusaro engineer
Nancy Paris background vocal
Pat Gleason synthesizer
Patty Reynolds photography
Phil Brown mastering
Ralph Walsh guitar
Raoul Matute arranger
Raoul Matute keyboards
Roland Young art direction
Ron Haffkine producer
Roy Segal engineer
Sherry Fox background vocal
Tom Costa piano
Tom Lubin engineer
Tommy Jones guitar
Willie Rainsford piano

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