Johnny & the Distractions Concerts

Johnny & the Distractions performed 18 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.
Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre 1982-4-29
Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre 1982-5-14
Detroit, MI Royal Oaks 1982-5-13
Grand Rapids, MI Welsh Auditorium 1982-5-12
Akron, OH E. J. Thomas Performing Arts center 1982-5-10
Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Civic Center 1982-5-6
Buffalo, NY Kleinhans Music Hall 1982-5-3
New York, NY Palladium 1982-5-2
Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater 1982-5-1
New York, NY Palladium 1982-5-2
Owings Mill, MD Painters Mill 1982-4-28
New Haven, CT Yale University 1982-4-27
Seattle, WA Coliseum 1982-4-8
Passaic, NJ Capitol Theater 1982-4-30
Pittsburgh, PA Stanley Theater 1982-4-25
Fredonia, NY SUNY 1982-4-24
Portland, OR Paramount Theater 1982-3-6
Rochester, NY Auditorium Theatre 1982-5-5