Sailin’ - Kim Carnes

Stock Number
L 36155
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1976
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Best Of You (Has Got the Best Of Me) 00:03:04
2 Warm Love 00:03:17
3 All He Did Was Tell Me Lies 00:03:50
4 He'll Come Home 00:03:00
5 Sailin' 00:04:15
6 It's Not the Spotlight 00:04:00
7 Last Thing That I Ever Wanted To... 00:03:49
8 Let Your Love Come Easy 00:03:30
9 Tubin' 00:04:10
10 Love Comes From Unexpected Places 00:03:31
Credit Sort descending Role
Barry Beckett horn arrangement
Barry Beckett keyboards
Barry Beckett producer
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bill Cuomo acoustic piano
Bill Cuomo arranger
Blackie Schackner harmonica
Bob Wilber horn arrangement
Charles Rose horns
Chris Colclesser flute
Chuck Beeson design
Dave Ellingson background vocal
David Grisman background vocal
David Grisman mandolin
David Hood bass
Greg Hamm engineer
Harrison Calloway horn arrangement
Harrison Calloway horns
Harvey Thompson horns
Jack Adams engineer
Jerry Masters engineer
Jerry Wexler producer
Jim Skiathigis set-up engineer
Jimmy Johnson acoustic guitar
Jimmy Johnson electric guitar
Jom Mayfield photography
Julia Tillman background vocal
Kim Carnes acoustic piano
Kim Carnes background vocal
Lisa Powers photography
Maxine Willard background vocal
Mike Lewis string arrangement
Pete Carr acoustic guitar
Pete Carr dobro
Pete Carr lead guitar
Robert Basso concertmaster
Roger Hawkins drums
Roger Hawkins percussion
Roland Young art direction
Ron Eades horns
Steve Gursky assistant engineer
Steve Melton engineer
Tom Roady percussion

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