League Unlimited Orchestra

Recording Years / Label
1982 -  A&M Records
1982 -  Virgin Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Dave Allen
Ian Burden synthesizer
Jo Callis synthesizer
Joanne Catherall vocals
Ken Ansell
Martin Rushent
Philip Adrian Wright slides, synthesizer
Philip Oakey vocals, synthesizer
Susanne Sulley vocals
Name Birth Death
Dave Allen
Ian Burden 1957-12-24
Jo Callis 1955-05-02
Joanne Catherall 1962-09-18
Ken Ansell
Martin Rushent 1948-07-11 2011-06-04
Philip Adrian Wright 1956-06-30
Philip Oakey 1955-10-02
Susanne Sulley 1963-03-22
Name See associated acts
Dave Allen King Swamp
Ian Burden Human League
Jo Callis Human League
Joanne Catherall Human League
Philip Adrian Wright Human League
Philip Oakey Human LeaguePhilip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
Susanne Sulley Human League

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