Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy

Recording Years / Label
1987 -  Virgin Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Lester Bowie 1987 flugelhorn, trumpet, percussion, vocal
Vincent Chancey 1987 French horn
Frank Lacy 1987 trombone
Steve Turre 1987 trombone
Malachi Thompson 1987 trumpet
Rasul Siddik 1987 trumpet
Stanton Davis 1987 trumpet
Bob Stewart 1987 tuba
Philip Wilson 1987 drums
Name Birth Death
Lester Bowie 1941-10-11 1999-11-08
Vincent Chancey
Frank Lacy 1958-08-09
Steve Turre 1948-09-12
Malachi Thompson
Rasul Siddik 1949-09-20
Stanton Davis 1045-11-10
Bob Stewart 1945-02-03
Philip Wilson 1941-09-08 1992-04-01

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