TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
On the Road 1984-8-18
Top of the Pops 1984-9-6 Hot Water
Rockpalast 1984-10-13 Almost There/Turn It On/The Chant Has Begun/Mr. Pink/I Want Eyes/Kansas City Milkman/The Pursuit of Accidents/The Chinese Way/The Sun Goes Down)/Hot Water/Love Games/Kouyate
Crackerjack 1984-10-19
Top of the Pops 1983-2-10 The Chinese Way
Sight & Sound in Concert 1983-3-5
Echoes des Bananes 1983-4-3
Echoes des Bananes 1983-5-29
Top of the Pops 1983-8-11 Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Top of the Pops 1983-8-25 Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Top of the Pops 1983-9-8 Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Rockpalast 1983-10-29 Heathrow/Turn It On/Love Games/Sandstorm/Out of Sight, Out of Mind/Micro Kid/43/Dune Tune/Starchiled/The Sun Goes Down/Dance on Heavy/Weekend/Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?/I Want Eyes/The Chinese Way/88
Echoes des Bananes 1983-11-13