Where Dey At? - Lo-Key?

Stock Number
POCM 1018
Perspective Records
CD album.
Released: 1993-1 -25
Credit Sort descending Role
A Dub background vocal
Adrinne Harris background vocal
Andre Shepard arranger
Andre Shepard vocal
Brian Gardner mastering
Carrie Harrington vocal
Charisse background vocal
D background vocal
D trumpet
Dave Way mix
Dre (Andre Lyon) background vocal
Dre (Andre Lyon) vocal
Eddie Wolfl photography
Erica background vocal
Gary Hines piano
James Brown arranger
Jellybean Johnson guitar
Jim Wright background vocal
Jim Wright piano
Jimmy Jam executive producer
Joey Elias background vocal
Kevin Hosmann design
Kim-dog background vocal
Lance Alexander arranger
Lance Alexander bass
Lance Alexander drum programming
Lance Alexander keyboards
Lance Alexander percussion
Lance Alexander producer
Lance Alexander synthesizer
Lance Alexander vocal
LaSalle Gabriel guitar
Leslie Clayton vocal
Liss-dog background vocal
Lo-Key? background vocal
Lo-Key? vocal
Lo-Key? vocal arrangement
Lydia Maria guitar
Prof T arranger
Prof T background vocal
Prof T producer
Prof T trumpet
Prof T vocal
Shawanda background vocal
Steve Hodge engineer
Steve Hodge mix
Stokley Williams percussion
T-bone (Tyrone Yarbrough) bass
T-bone (Tyrone Yarbrough) vocal
Terri Wade vocal
Terry Lewis executive producer
Tracee Robinson vocal

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