Nomadic Sands - Lodgic

Stock Number
395 094
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Romance 00:04:37
2 Step Back 00:04:12
3 Lonely Man 00:04:37
4 Red Light 00:04:30
5 Rise & Fall 00:04:07
6 Push So Hard 00:05:21
7 In the Cards 00:04:26
8 Nomadic Sands 00:04:10
9 Linda Sue 00:04:26
10 Bringing Me Back 00:03:30
Credit Sort descending Role
Art Kelm assistant engineer
Bill Jackson assistant engineer
Bobby Scmiely assistant engineer
Brooke Glaser assistant engineer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Coke Johnson assistant engineer
David Paich producer
Donald Krieger design
Doug Sax mastering
Doug Schwartz assistant engineer
Duane Seykora assistant engineer
Ed Colver photography
Gary Starnes drums
Greg Ladanyi engineer
Guy Steiner keyboards
Guy Steiner lead vocal
Jimmy Haun guitar
Jimmy Haun lead vocal
Jon Dressel assistant engineer
Mike Reese mastering
Mike Sherwood keyboards
Mike Sherwood lead vocal
Richard Bosworth assistant engineer
Sharon Rice assistant engineer
Steve Porcaro producer
Tom Fletcher engineer
Tom Fletcher mix
Tom Knox engineer
Tom Knox mix
Tom Knox producer
Tom Lally assistant engineer
Troy Krueger assistant engineer
William Sherwood bass
William Sherwood lead vocal

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