Tommy - London Symphony Orchestra

Stock Number
8Q 89001
Ode Records
United States
Released: 1975
Recording Notes
Credit Sort descending Role
Alex Gridziejko illustration
Anton Matthers assistant engineer
Bob Potter assistant engineer
Charles White, III illustration
David Byrd illustration
David Measham conductor
Doug Johnson illustration
Ethan Russell photography
Graham Bell vocal
James Sullivan arranger
Jim Manos illustration
John Entwistle vocal
Keith Grant engineer
Kit Lambert producer
Lee Hulko mastering
London Symphony Orchestra orchestra
Lou Reizner producer
Maggie Bell vocal
Mark English illustration
Merry Clayton vocal
Mike Bobak assistant engineer
Pete Townshend narration
Pete Townshend vocal
Phil Marco photography
Richard Amsel illustration
Richard Harris vocal
Richard Harvey illustration
Richie Havens vocal
Ringo Starr vocal
Robert Grossmann illustration
Robert Heindel illustration
Rod Stewart vocal
Roger Daltrey vocal
Sandy Denny vocal
Steve Winwood vocal
Tom Carnase graphics
Tom Wilkes graphics
Tom Wilkes photography
Wil Malone arranger
Wilkes & Braun, Inc. design
Wilson McClean illustration

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