Sad Cafe

In 1978 Sad Cafe signed with A&M Records for the United States and Canada. For the rest of the world, the band was signed to RCA.

The debut album sold more than 200,000 copies in the U.S.


Michelle Marx, Sad Cafe

Sad Cafe in the U.S. with Michelle Marx (A&M Records)



Sad Cafe: Facades

Recording Years / Label
1978-1980 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Ashley Mulford 1978-1979 guitar, vocals
Dave Irving 1979 drums, vocals
David Hassel 1978 percussion
Doreen Chanter 1978 vocals
Irene Chanter 1978 vocals
Ian Wilson 1978-1979 guitar, percussion, vocals
John Punter 1978 percussion
John Stimpson 1978-1979 bass, guitar, vocals
Lenny Zakatek 1978-1979 sax
Liza Strike 1978 vocals
Paul Young (Sad Cafe) 1978-1979 percussion, vocals
Tony Cresswell 1978 percussion, drums
Vic Emerson 1978-1979 synthesizer, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Name Birth Death
Ashley Mulford 1953-11-20
Dave Irving 1946-11-18
David Hassel
Doreen Chanter
Irene Chanter
Ian Wilson
John Punter 1949-01-27
John Stimpson 2021-09-12
Lenny Zakatek 1947-07-29
Liza Strike
Paul Young (Sad Cafe) 1956-01-17 2000-07-15
Tony Cresswell
Vic Emerson 2018-10-13
Name See associated acts
Lenny Zakatek Lenny Zakatek
Liza Strike Hummingbird

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