Black Forest - Luis Conte

Stock Number
81757 4100
CD 74100
Denon Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Credit Sort descending Role
Abraham Laboriel bass
Alex Acuna drums
Barry Coates guitar
Barry Coates synthesizer
Brandon Fields sax
Carlos Vega drums
David Witham arranger
David Witham keyboards
David Witham piano
Dianne Reeves background vocal
Gary Herbig alto sax
Gary Herbig flute
Greg Mathieson organ
Harry Kim trumpet
James Harrah guitar
Jeff Porcaro drums
Jeffrey Weber producer
Jeffrey Weber vocal
Jimmy Haslip bass
Jimmy Haslip keyboards
Jimmy Johnson bass
Joel Peskin sax
Kazunama Kawakami illustration
Kiyomitsu Mihara design
Larry Klimas tenor sax
Luis Conte arranger
Luis Conte bongos
Luis Conte claves
Luis Conte congas
Luis Conte coro
Luis Conte cymbals
Luis Conte dunun
Luis Conte percussion
Luis Conte shekere
Luis Conte timbales
Luis Conte vocal
Mark Goldenberg guitar
Mark Goldenberg programming
Mike O’Neil guitar
Orestes Vilato coro
Orestes Vilato cowbell
Orestes Vilato guiro
Orestes Vilato percussion
Orestes Vilato timbales
Orestes Vilato vocal
Rik Pekkonen engineer
Rik Pekkonen mix
Stacy Baird assistant engineer
Steve Cross synthesizer
Tatsuo Kusumoto photography
Walt Fowler flugelhorn
Walt Fowler trumpet

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