Recording Years / Label
1973-1974 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Alain Charlery trumpet
Benoit Widemann keyboards
Brian Godding guitar
Christian Vander percussion, drums, keyboards, vocals
Claude Olmos guitar
Dom Reinhardt vocals
Doris Reinhardt vocals
Evelyne Razymovski vocals
Gerlad Bikailo keyboards
Giorgio Gomelsky percussion
Jannick Top bass
Jean Luc VanDer Lier keyboards
Klaus Blasquiz percussion, vocals
Louis Sarkissian sax
Michel Graillier keyboards
Michele Saulnier vocals
Muriel Streisfeld vocals
Rene Garber clarinet, vocals
Stella Vander vocals
Teddy Lasry wind
Name Birth Death
Alain Charlery
Benoit Widemann
Brian Godding 1945-08-19
Christian Vander 1948-02-21
Claude Olmos
Dom Reinhardt
Doris Reinhardt
Evelyne Razymovski
Gerlad Bikailo
Giorgio Gomelsky
Jannick Top
Jean Luc VanDer Lier
Klaus Blasquiz
Louis Sarkissian
Michel Graillier
Michele Saulnier
Muriel Streisfeld
Rene Garber
Stella Vander 1950-12-12
Teddy Lasry

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