Film Music - Mark Isham

Stock Number
C28Y 5043
Windham Hill Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Mrs. Soffel 00:13:45
2 The Times Of Harvey Milk 00:08:13
3 Never Cry Wolf 00:24:24
Credit Sort descending Role
Anne Ackerman design
Annie Stocking lead vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bill Douglass flute
Dawn Atkinson executive producer
Gary Clayton engineer
George Marsh percussion
Jeanette Spartaine lead vocal
Jesse Osborne engineer
Kathy Hudnall lead vocal
Lyle Mays piano
Mark Adler arranger
Mark Adler conductor
Mark Isham mix
Mark Isham piano
Mark Isham producer
Mark Isham synthesizer
Mark Isham trumpet
Natalie Cox harp
Peter Maunu violin
Randy Sellgren engineer
Rufus Olivier bassoon
Sam Lehmer engineer
Stephanie Douglass lead vocal
Todd Boekelheide engineer
Todd Boekelheide mix
Todd Boekelheide producer

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