All Because Of You - Maurice & Da Posse

Stock Number
VE 7032
VE 07033-A/B
Vendetta Records
United States
Released: 1989
Recording Notes
Breakout Records logo on label
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 All Because Of You (House Mix) 00:08:05
2 All Because Of You (House Dub) 00:08:30
3 All Because Of You (Original 7") 00:04:40
4 All Because Of You (12" Club Mix) 00:06:24
5 All Because Of You (Jazzy Dub Mix) 00:06:41
6 All Because Of You (7" Piano) 00:03:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Bruce Carbone executive producer
Craig Doe producer
Craig Simpkins producer
Emma Freilich drum programming
Emma Freilich keyboard programming
Emma Freilich keyboards
Emma Freilich programming
Goh Hotoda mix enginere
Goh Hotoda producer
Herb Powers, Jr. mastering
Keith Fluitt vocal
Lamar Mahone producer
Larry Yasgar executive producer
Les Adams producer
Les Adams remix
Luie Rivera edit
Luie Rivera special mix edits
Mike Stevens guitar
Mike Stevens keyboards

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