"I think we've got an absolute smash with the Wagoneers. We're right on target with what's happening on the streets with this band. They just blew everybody away...standing ovation after standing ovation."--J.P. Guilbert, RPM July 2, 1988


David Conrad, Director of Almo/Irving Music in Nashville brought the Wagoneers to A&M Records' attention. Monte Warden told RPM, "A&M ws the first label to tell us they'd give us the full country treatment. They wanted to get into country music and we were the ones they wanted to get into country music with."

The Wagoneers were A&M Records first international country artists.

The master tapes for the Wagoneers two albums for A&M were lost in the fire at Universal Music's storage vault.


Wagoneers: the Latest Act Nashville Let Get Away. Graeme Boyce. RPM, August 27, 1988..

Recording Years / Label
1988-1989 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Brent Wison 1988-1989 vocals, guitars
Craig Pettigrew 1988-1989 electric bass, six string bass
Monte Warden 1988-1989 vocals, guitar
Thomas A. Lewis, Jr. 1988-1989 drums
Name Birth Death
Brent Wison
Craig Pettigrew
Monte Warden 1967-04-26
Thomas A. Lewis, Jr.

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