"I think we've got an absolute smash with the Wagoneers. We're right on target with what's happening on the streets with this band. They just blew everybody away...standing ovation after standing ovation."--J.P. Guilbert, RPM July 2, 1988


When Tom De Savia of Cash Box asked the Wagoneers their ultimate goal, they said: 
     Tom Lewis: To be members of the Grand Old Opry! 
     Craig Pettigrew: If we did that I could not play a note for the rest of my life and still feel like I've accomplished my greatest achievement. 
     Monte Warden: The Opry is my all time dream. I want to be respected by the country audiences and the country peers and I want the Wagoneers to be regarded as a band that put something nice in country music and left it in a better state than when they found it. 
     Brent Wilson: Keep It country, that's our motto,

David Conrad, Director of Almo/Irving Music in Nashville brought the Wagoneers to A&M Records' attention. They were signed by Patrick Clifford, A&M A&R executive. Monte Warden told RPM, "A&M was the first label to tell us they'd give us the full country treatment. They wanted to get into country music and we were the ones they wanted to get into country music with." At the time A&M Records did not have an office in Nashville. The label was distributed by RCA and its country division handled radio promotion, marketing and publicity for the Wagoneers. 


The Wagoneers were A&M Records first country artist and its first  international country artist. The band was also signed to Almo/Irving for music publishing.

In July 1988 the Wagoneers were chosen to perform at A&M's annual national meeting, On July 2, 1988 "I Wanna Know Her Again" entered the Cash Box Country Singles Chart. If was followed on September 24 with "Every Step Of the Way" at 72 and the Billboard Hot Country Singles on June 25 where it peaked at 43. There was a music video for "I Wanna Know Her Again." 

Their debut album Stout and High was released in September 1988. It entered the Cash Box Country Album Chart in November at 47. The album also charted on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart. where it spent over three months on the chartThe album went on to sell 75,000 copies.


At the Austin Music Awards in April 1989, the Wagoneers were names the best country band.

Their second album Good Fortune was due for release in May 1989. It was promoted with a music videos for "Sit a Little Bit Closer" (June 1989) and "Help Me Get Over You." 

The master tapes for the Wagoneers two albums for A&M were lost in the fire at Universal Music's storage vault.


Wagoneers: the Latest Act Nashville Let Get Away. Graeme Boyce. RPM, August 27, 1988..

Recording Years / Label
1988-1989 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Brent Wison 1988-1989 vocals, guitars
Craig Pettigrew 1988-1989 electric bass, six string bass
Monte Warden 1988-1989 vocals, guitar
Thomas A. Lewis, Jr. 1988-1989 drums
Name Birth Death
Brent Wison
Craig Pettigrew
Monte Warden 1967-04-26
Thomas A. Lewis, Jr.

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