Without Walls - Michael Sembello

Stock Number
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1986-5 -25
Recording Notes
Audio Master Plus (AM+) Series
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 What You Really Want 00:04:23
2 Last to Know 00:04:00
3 Funkabilly Swing 00:04:29
4 Is This the Way to Paradise 00:04:10
5 Burn It Up 00:04:30
6 Angelina 00:03:39
7 Tear Down the Walls 00:03:39
8 Gravity 00:06:15
9 Wonder Where You Are 00:03:42
10 Dangerous 00:03:51
11 The Picture 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Alice Martini choir
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bill Bottrell mix
Bill Reichenbach horns
Bob DiMarco choir
Bobby Caldwell background vocal
Bobby Caldwell synthesizer
Bret Lopez photography
Brian Malouf engineer
Brian Malouf mix
Bruce Gaish choir
Bud Rizzo assistant engineer
Bud Rizzo choir
Bud Rizzo guitar
Carlos Vega drums
Casey Young keyboards
Casey Young programming
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Findley horns
Clayton Haslop strings
Cruz Sembello background vocal
Cruz Sembello choir
Dan Marnien engineer
Danny Sembello choir
Danny Sembello keyboards
Danny Sembello synthesizer
David Boruff horns
David Boruff programming
David Boruff sax
Dennis Matkosky programming
Doug Cameron string arrangement
Doug Cameron strings
Gary Grant horns
Herb Alpert horns
Ivy Skoff coordination
Jena Mendez choir
Jim Gallagher engineer
Khaliq Glover assistant engineer
Kim DeMarco choir
Kimiko Kasai choir
Larry Williams horns
Lew McCreary horns
Marilyn Scott choir
Mark Hudson choir
Melanie Nissen design
Michael Bowman engineer
Michael Sembello choir
Michael Sembello engineer
Michael Sembello guitar
Michael Sembello keyboards
Michael Sembello producer
Michael Sembello programming
Michael Sembello vocal
Nick Spigel engineer
Paula Hochhalter strings
Randy Waldman choir
Randy Waldman engineer
Randy Waldman horn arrangement
Randy Waldman keyboards
Richard Rudolph bass
Richard Rudolph engineer
Richard Rudolph producer
Ron Powell percussion
Ryan McGonigal
Sid Page strings
Stan Smengi
Steve Porcaro synthesizer
Steve Rippley guitar
Stevie Wonder background vocal
Stevie Wonder harmonica
Tata Vega vocal
Tommy Vicari mix
Vinnie Colaiuta drums

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