Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta... - Models

Stock Number
AMLH 68529
A&M Records, Ltd.
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 21 Hz 00:00:51
2 Strategic Air Command 00:03:09
3 Two People Per Sq Km 00:03:11
4 Pull the Pin 00:02:10
5 Twice Removed 00:02:54
6 Pate Pedestrian 00:03:25
7 Kissing 'Round Corners 00:03:25
8 All Stop 00:03:37
9 Uncontrollable Boy (I'm Just An) 00:02:35
10 Young Rodents 00:03:34
11 Hans Stand: a War Record 00:00:56
12 Happy Birthday IBM 00:03:58
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Scholz artwork
Andrew Duffield keyboards
Andrew Duffield synthesizer
Janis Freidenfelds drums
Janis Freidenfelds percussion
Mark Ferrie bass
Mark Ferrie vocal
Models cover concept
Models engineer
Rod & Desiree photography
Sean Kelly clarinet
Sean Kelly guitar
Sean Kelly vocal
Tony Cohen engineer

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