Moody Blues

Back catalog reissued and distributed by A&M Associated Labels (Polydor).

Moody Blues and Al Marks

The Moody Blues with Al Marks (A&M Records).

Recording Years / Label
1996-1997 -  A&M Associated Labels
Name Member Years Instruments
Graeme Edge 1996-1997 drums, percussion
John Lodge 1996-1997 vocals
Justin Hayward 1996-1997 vocals, guitar
Mike Pinder 1996-1997 keyboards
Patrick Moraz 1996-1997 keyboards
Ray Thomas 1996-1997 flute, harmonica, oboe, sax, percussion, vocals
Name Birth Death
Graeme Edge 1941-03-30 2021-11-11
John Lodge 1945-07-20
Justin Hayward 1946-10-14
Mike Pinder 1941-12-27
Patrick Moraz 1948-06-24
Ray Thomas 1941-12-29 2018-01-04
Name See associated acts
John Lodge Junior's Eyes

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