Schizophonic - Nuno

Stock Number
POCM 1202
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1997-1 -25
Recording Notes
1 bonus track
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Gravity 00:03:42
2 Swollen Princess 00:03:11
3 Crave 00:04:36
4 What You Want 00:03:31
5 Fallen Angels 00:03:59
6 2 Weeks In Dizkneelande 00:03:16
7 Pursuit Of Happiness 00:03:32
8 Fine By Me 00:03:42
9 Karmalaa 00:03:25
10 Confrontation 00:03:45
11 Note On the Screen Door 00:04:12
12 I Wonder 00:04:20
13 Got to Have You 00:04:52
14 You 00:04:24
15 Severed 00:04:06
16 Hop the Train 00:03:40
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Starr mix assistant
Anthony Resta co-producer
Anthony Resta engineer
Anthony Resta mix
Bob St. John co-producer
Bob St. John engineer
Bob St. John mix
Carl Nappa engineer
Carl Nappa mix assistant
Caroline de Vita artwork
Carrie Goldman artwork
Colin Simkins engineer
Craig Beck mix assistant
Dan Sheehan artwork
Dave Collins mastering
Donovan Bettencourt mix assistant
Eddie Parise engineer
Emily Saunders photography
Gary Cherone vocal
Jeri Heiden artwork
Jim Lightman engineer
Johnathan Mooney mix assistant
Jorge Monjardino photography
Kevin Shirley engineer
Laurie Downing artwork
Mike Mangini drums
Nuno Bettencourt artwork
Nuno Bettencourt background vocal
Nuno Bettencourt engineer
Nuno Bettencourt mix
Nuno Bettencourt producer
Rob B background vocal
Sandra Brummels artwork
Tony Notarberadino cover art
Trent Williamson mix assistant

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