Canyon - Paul Winter

Stock Number
LD 0006
Living Music Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1985
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Grand Canyon Sunrise 00:07:07
2 Morning Echoes 00:02:28
3 Bright Angel 00:03:52
4 Raven Dance 00:02:28
5 Bedrock Cathedral 00:02:03
6 River Run 00:07:06
7 Elves' Chasm 00:02:02
8 Sockdolager 00:04:09
9 Air 00:03:29
10 Grand Canyon Sunset 00:04:56
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Ludwig mastering
Chris Brown engineer
Chris Brown mix
Clete Baker remastering
Connie Kieltyka mix assistant
Danny Littwin mix
Darrell Gustamachio mix
David Darling cello
David Darling vocal
Dixon Van Winkle engineer
Dixon Van Winkle mix
Eugene Friesen cello
Glen Velez bendir
Glen Velez drums
Glen Velez rattle
Glen Velez tambourine
Jack Hanna mix assistant
John Clark french horn
Judy Houlihan assistant engineer
Kathleen Norris photography
Leanne Ungar engineer
Mickey Houlihan engineer
Nancy Rumbel rattle
Oscar Castro-Neves guitar
Paul Halley harmonium
Paul Halley organ
Paul Halley piano
Paul McCandless oboe
Paul Winter liner notes
Paul Winter producer
Paul Winter soprano sax
Sam West conch
Sam West producer
Stephen Trimble liner notes

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