Peter Allen Discography

There are 165 recordings for Peter Allen. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

A&M Digitally Remastered Best

A&M Gold Series

At His Best




Continental American

Continental American/Pretty Pretty

Don’t Cry Out Loud

Don’t Cry Out Loud/Audience

Don’t Cry Out Loud/I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love

Don’t Wish Too Hard

Don’t Wish Too Hard/Don’t Cry Out Loud

Don’t Wish Too Hard/I Go to Rio

Don’t Wish Too Hard/If You Were Wondering

Don’t Wish Too Hard/We’ve Come to An Understanding

Fly Away/Planes

Fly Away/Simon

I Could Have Been a Sailor

I Could Have Been a Sailor/Tenterfield Saddler

I Could Have Been a Sailor/We’ve Come to An Understanding

I Go to Rio

I Go to Rio/Audience

I Go to Rio/I Honestly Love You

I Go to Rio/The More I See You

I Go to Rio/This Time Around

I Honestly Love You/Just Ask Me I’ve Been There

I Still Call Australia Home

I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love/Two Boys

It Is Time For Peter Allen

Just Ask Me I’ve Been There

Just Ask Me I’ve Been There/I Honestly Love You

One Step Over the Borderline/I Could Really Show You Around

One Step Over the Borderline/Simon

Paris At 21

Paris At 21/Don’t Wish Too Hard

Peter Allen

She Loves to Hear the Music/Shy As a Violet

Singer-Songwriter: the Anthology

Taught By Experts

Tenterfeild Saddler

Tenterfield Saddler

Tenterfield Saddler/Don’t Cry Out Loud

The Best Of Peter Allen

The Boy From Down Under: the Very Best Of Peter Allen

The Boy From Oz

The More I See You/Harbour

The More I See You/I Go to Rio

The More I See You/This Time Around

The Very Best Of Peter Allen