It Is Time For Peter Allen - Peter Allen

Stock Number
AMLH 63706
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Recording Notes
Double album
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Crazy 00:03:54
2 She Loves to Hear the Music 00:03:34
3 Everything Old Is New Again 00:03:18
4 Interesting Changes 00:03:46
5 I Honestly Love You 00:03:49
6 Continental American 00:05:26
7 The Natural Thing to Do 00:04:39
8 The More I See You 00:02:55
9 As Time Goes By 00:03:36
10 Intermission/I Honestly Love You 00:00:54
11 Don't Wish Too Hard 00:04:38
12 Don't Cry Out Loud 00:03:42
13 Tenterfield Saddler 00:04:07
14 Puttin' Out Roots/This Sideshow's Leaving Town 00:06:36
15 I Go to Rio 00:07:05
16 Quiet Please, There's a Lady On Stage 00:05:28
17 Audience 00:03:14
Credit Sort descending Role
Art Bechtel engineer
Dave Parlato bass
Dee Anthony executive producer
Ed Thacker mix
Ed Thacker producer
Fred Thaler keyboards
Greg Calbi mastering
John Guth guitar
Ken Regan photography
Mark Hanauer photography
Marshall Rosenberg percussion
Mike Warren guitar
Peter Allen piano
Peter Allen producer
Peter Allen vocal
Peter Donald drums
Roland Young art direction
Ruben Rivera cello
Tim May guitar

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