Continental American - Peter Allen

Stock Number
SP 3643
SP 3691--SP 3692
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1974
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Just a Gigolo (Schoner Gigolo) 00:03:15
2 Everything Old Is New Again 00:02:33
3 The Natural Thing to Do 00:04:12
4 Pretty Pretty 00:03:30
5 Continental American 00:05:16
6 Just Ask Me I've Been There 00:04:37
7 I Honestly Love You 00:03:30
8 This Side Show's Leaving Town 00:07:44
9 Just a Gigolo (Schoner Gigolo) Reprise 00:03:15
Credit Sort descending Role
Alfred Brown viola
Andrew Smith drums
Anthony Jackson bass
Arlene Martell background vocal
Arthur Clark sax
Arthur Jenkins keyboards
Beverly Lauridsen cello
Bill Salter bass
Bill Watrous trombone
Billy Slapin clarinet
Billy Slapin piccolo
Billy Slapin sax
Bob Liftin engineer
Bob Liftin remix
Bomeo Renque clarinet
Brooks Tillotson french horn
Charles Libove violin
Cissy Houston background vocal
Cissy Houston female background vocal arrangement
Cissy Houston vocal obligato
Danny Moore trumpet
David Nadien violin
David Newman tenor sax
David Spinozza guitar
Deidre Tuck background vocal
Doug Allen additional percussion
Doug Hyum photo illustration
Emanuel Green violin
Emanuel Vardi viola
Ernie Royal trumpet
Frances Fay background vocal
Frances Fay lead vocal
Frances Fay piano
Francisco Centeno bass
Frank Wess piccolo
Frank Wess sax
Garnett Brown trombone
Gene Orloff violin
George Piros mastering
George Ricci cello
Harold Vick sax
Harry Cykman violin
Harry Kohn violin
Harry Lookofsky violin
Helene Miles background vocal
Howard Johnson tuba
Jack Jeffers trombone
Jack Jennings additional percussion
James Buffington french horn
Joe Ferla additional recording
Joe Malin violin
Joel Dorn producer
John Tropea guitar
Jon Faddis trumpet
Jonathan Dorn tuba
Joseph DeAngelis french horn
Joseph Wilder trumpet
Julien Barber viola
Junie Osaki design
Keith Loving guitar
Kenny Vance background vocal
Kenny Vance male background vocal arrangement
Kermit Moore cello
Linda November background vocal
Linda November female background vocal arrangement
Marlene VerPlanch background vocal
Marvin Stamm trumpet
Matthew Raimondi violin
Ned Albright background vocal
Paul Gershman violin
Peter Allen keyboards
Peter Allen lead vocal
Peter Gordon french horn
Phil Kross additional percussion
Ray Alonge french horn
Rennelle Stafford background vocal
Richard Davis photography
Richard Tee keyboards
Roland Young art direction
Sam Brown guitar
Sanford Allen violin
Seldon Powell clarinet
Seldon Powell sax
Selwart Clarke violin
Seymour Berger trombone
Sol Schlinger sax
Stephen Gould drums
Steven Soles background vocal
Sue Evans additional percussion
Tony Studd euphonium
Vince McGarry additional recording
Vince McGarry mastering
Walter Kane sax
Wayne Andre euphonium
William Eaton arranger

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