TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Royal Charity Concert 1980
Merv Griffin Show 1980-8-19
Grammy Awards 1980-2-27
Merv Griffin Show 1979-9-25
Merv Griffin Show 1979-5-18
Merv Griffin Show 1979-12-24
Merv Griffin Show 1978-1-13
Midnight Special 1978-2-3 I Go to Rio/She Loves to Hear the Music
Jim Nabors Show 1978-2-23
Good Morning America 1978-4-26
Merv Griffin Show 1978-5-2
Soul Alive 1977-3-26
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1977-11-16
Anton Perich 1977 Interview with Scooter
Merv Griffin Show 1976-9-23
Midnight Special 1976-11-5 She Loves to Hear the Music/This Sideshow's Leaving Town
Merv Griffin Show 1975-1-30
Norman Gunston Show 1975-9
Merv Griffin Show 1975-6-10
Midnight Special 1975-2-28 Just Ask Me I've Been There/Continental American
Midnight Special 1974-7-14 More Than I Like You
Channel V I Go to Rio
NZOZ The More I See You
Solid Gold Medley of his hits with Marilyn McCoo