Submission to the Master EP - Pulsars

Stock Number
AMSD 88002
Almo Sounds
United States
CD single.
Released: 1996-9 -24
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Deleted 11/15/1999
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Submission Song 00:02:39
2 Chicago Swingers 00:02:15
3 Cast Iron Dog 00:01:55
4 Owed to a Devil 00:02:06
5 Das Lifeboat 00:05:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Dave Crawford horns
David Trumfio artwork
David Trumfio engineer
David Trumfio guitar
David Trumfio keyboards
David Trumfio producer
David Trumfio programming
David Trumfio vocal
Francesca Restrepo art direction
Gary Schepers tuba
Harry Trumfio background vocal
Harry Trumfio drums
Harry Trumfio keyboards
Harry Trumfio programming
Holly Park background vocal
John Hiler engineer
Marty Perez photography
Mike Hagler background vocal
Mike Hagler engineer
Mike Hagler guitar
Mike Hagler organ

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