Back catalog reissued and distributed by A&M Associated Labels (Polydor).

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Bob Daisley bass
Bob Rondinelli drums
Chuck Burgi drums
Cozy Powell drums
Craig Gruber bass
David Rosenthal keyboards
David Stone keyboards
Don Airey keyboards
Gary Driscoll drums
Graham Bonnet vocals
Jimmy Bain bass
Joe Lynn Turner vocals
Ritchie Blackmore guitar, bass
Roger Glover bass
Ronnie James Dio vocals
Tony Carey keyboards
Name Birth Death
Bob Daisley 1950-02-13
Bob Rondinelli 1955-07-27
Chuck Burgi 1952-08-15
Cozy Powell 1947-12-29 1998-04-05
Craig Gruber 1951-06-15 2015-05-05
David Rosenthal 1961-01-01
David Stone 1953-03-20
Don Airey 1948-06-21
Gary Driscoll 1946-04-18 1987-06-08
Graham Bonnet 1947-12-23
Jimmy Bain 1947-12-19 2016-01-23
Joe Lynn Turner 1951-08-02
Ritchie Blackmore 1945-04-14
Roger Glover 1945-11-30
Ronnie James Dio 1942-07-10 2010-05-16
Tony Carey 1953-10-19
Name See associated acts
David Stone Symphonic Slam
Roger Glover Gillan & Glover

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