Emotional Rollercoaster - Ridel High

Stock Number
POCM 1252
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1998-6 -29
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Self Destructive 00:03:06
2 Monsters Under Your Bed 00:02:35
3 180 00:02:58
4 Look at Me Now 00:03:45
5 Mouthful Of You 00:03:41
6 Another Song About Lying 00:03:48
7 As If the Sky Were on Fire 00:03:22
8 Disqualified 00:03:39
9 Places People Hide Their Money 00:02:53
10 Her Perspective from My Perspective 00:02:25
11 Battleship Gray 00:03:21
12 Galaxy Girl 00:04:06
13 Hello 00:03:30
14 Blue 00:03:02
15 Winona Rider (She Looks Like) 00:03:26
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Krammer engineer
Angus Cooke cello
Christa Ridel background vocal
Joey Cape mix
Joey Cape producer
Kevin Ridel bass
Kevin Ridel vocal
Ridel High arranger
Ryan Greene engineer
Ryan Greene mix
Ryan Greene producer
Stephen Marcussen mastering
Steve Coulter drums
Steve Leroy background vocal
Steve Leroy guitar

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