Rugrat Rock - Rugrats

Stock Number
SP 9095
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Recording Notes
Coloring book
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Rock Around the Nursery 00:05:08
2 Rugrats On the Farm 00:04:32
3 Rugrats Love to Eat 00:03:54
4 Rain Or Shine 00:03:48
5 Rugrats On the Road 00:04:12
6 Silly Rugrat Songs 00:04:20
7 Rugrats Favourite Numbers 00:03:27
8 Rugrat Romp 00:03:34
9 Goodnight 00:01:49
Credit Sort descending Role
Bert Hermiston lyricon
Bert Hermiston sax
Bob Otman drums
Dan Kuntze engineer
Dean Motter cover art
Fred Mollin album concept
Fred Mollin guitar
Fred Mollin percussion
Fred Mollin producer
Grant Slater arranger
Grant Slater keyboards
Mark Baldi mix assistant
Mike Francis guitar
Mike Reese mastering
Peter Lee engineer
Peter Lee mix
Romney Abramson album concept
Romney Abramson arranger
Romney Abramson guitar
Romney Abramson producer
Ron Garant album concept
Ron Garant arranger
Ron Garant bass
Ron Garant producer

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