Sailin’ - Shirley Caesar

Stock Number
WR 8109
WR 08109-A/B
Word Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1984
Recording Notes
Myrrh Records
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Green vocal
Bill Harris engineer
Brent Maher remix
Carl Hunter background vocal
Chris Jackson background vocal
Chris McDonald horn
Costo Davis synthesizer
Dave Lehman producer
Doc Powell guitar
Donald McElroy background vocal
Ernie Collins horn arrangement
Francine Belcher background vocal
Hank Williams mastering
James Stroud drums
Jesse Boyce bass
Jim Baird engineer
Johnny Whittaker background vocal
Ken Harding executive producer
Larry Sasser steel guitar
Lloyd Barry horn arrangement
Loris Holland arranger
Loris Holland background vocal
Loris Holland keyboards
Loris Holland synthesizer
Mac Gayden sitar
Mark Tucker photography
Mel Owens percussion
Mike Haynes horn
Nashville String Machine strings
Neil Wilburn assistant engineer
Pat Holt engineer
Roger Wiliiams horn
Roger Williams horn
Sanchez Harley arranger
Sanchez Harley engineer
Sanchez Harley producer
Scott Hendricks engineer
Shirley Caesar producer
Tony Brown producer
Travis Turk engineer
Vicki Hampton vocal

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